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3 Tips for Creating a Blockbuster YouTube Channel for Your Small Biz

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Starting a YouTube channel can be one of the best decisions a small business owner makes. With over 2 billion logged-in users every month, YouTube offers small businesses an unparalleled opportunity to reach a massive global audience. This article will explain why any small business owner should start a YouTube channel, discuss the benefits, and provide actionable tips on how to launch a successful YouTube channel for your brand.

Why Should Small Businesses Start a YouTube Channel?

There are several compelling reasons why small business owners should take the time to start a YouTube channel.

It’s Accessible. YouTube has one of the lowest barriers to entry of any social media platform. With just a Google account, you can set up a YouTube channel in minutes. The platform is free to use and accessible to any business, no matter how small.

It Can Increase Brand Exposure. A strong YouTube presence allows small businesses to get their brand in front of a huge number of potential customers. In fact, 83% of small business owners with a YouTube channel say it helped them find new customers and build relationships.

It Helps with Lead Generation. Driving traffic from YouTube to your website or landing pages can dramatically improve lead generation and sales. Video content leads to higher engagement and conversion rates.

It Builds Trust. YouTube allows small businesses to share their brand story and make meaningful connections with customers all over the world. A consistent stream of high-quality videos can build brand awareness and trust.

Key Benefits of Starting a YouTube Channel

Here are some of the main benefits small businesses can realize from launching a successful YouTube channel:

  • Increased brand awareness: YouTube’s massive reach helps small businesses get discovered by more potential customers.
  • Improved SEO: YouTube videos can rank highly in search results, driving traffic to your site.
  • Lead generation: Calls-to-action in videos boost conversions and sales.
  • Cost-effective marketing: YouTube provides affordable access to a huge audience.
  • Customer engagement: YouTube facilitates interactions between brands and customers.
  • Trust-building: Consistent, useful content shows your expertise and establishes trust.

How to Start a YouTube Channel for Your Small Business

Starting a YouTube channel is easy and straightforward. Here are the key steps every small business should follow:

Step 1) Sign up for a Google account if you don’t already have one. Use a brand-appropriate account name.

Step 2) Go to YouTube and click on your profile icon. Select “Your Channel” from the dropdown menu.

Step 3) Customize your YouTube channel’s layout. Add a channel icon, art, and brand colors.

Step 4) Set up your channel’s “About” page with a channel description, links, and contact info.

Step 5) Create compelling video content that provides value to your audience. Focus on frequently posting new videos.

Step 6) Optimize your videos with keywords. Include links to your site and calls-to-action.

Step 7) Engage with your audience by responding to comments and building a community.

Consistently publishing creative, useful videos tailored to your target audience is key to YouTube success. Check out successful small business YouTube channels like TEDx, Marie Forleo, and Gary Vaynerchuk for inspiration.

Turn Your YouTube Channel into a Marketing Powerhouse

With a strategic approach, small businesses can transform their YouTube channel into a complete marketing machine. Here are some proven tips:

  • Analyze your audience and competition to identify video ideas that meet customer needs.
  • Use YouTube cards and end screens to link between videos and your website.
  • Run YouTube ads to promote your best videos and offers to qualified viewers.
  • Collaborate with influencers in your niche to expand your audience.
  • Repurpose video content into snippets for social media to maximize views.
  • Track YouTube analytics to gain insights and continually improve your videos.
  • Set clear goals and focus on YouTube-specific KPIs to measure success.

Use Cases: How Different Small Businesses Can Leverage YouTube

While the benefits of starting a YouTube channel apply to any small business, the specific video content and strategy will differ depending on your industry and brand.

Let’s look at some examples of how varied business types can effectively utilize YouTube to meet their individual marketing goals.

From an arts and crafts store using DIY tutorials to engage their creative community, to a local coffee shop giving behind-the-scenes shop tours, to a bookkeeping services firm creating educational accounting content – the possibilities are endless.

The key is creating videos that provide value to your particular target audience while highlighting your products, services, expertise, and unique personality as a brand. Keep these core principles in mind as we explore potential content formats for three diverse small business types.

The use cases illustrate how any small company can develop an impactful presence on YouTube with the right strategic approach. Let’s dive in!

Use Case 1: Craft Supply Store

  • DIY Project Tutorials (e.g. making candles, soap, jewelry)
  • New Product Reveals/Hauls
  • Craft Technique Demos (e.g. resin art, painting, knitting)
  • Shop Owner Q&As
  • Craft Challenge Videos (e.g. craft under $5)

Use Case 2: Local Coffee Shop

  • Barista Tip Videos (latte art, drink recipes)
  • Shop Tours & Facility Highlights
  • New Menu Item Reviews
  • Owner Interviews & Background Story
  • Customer Testimonial Videos

Use Case 3: Bookkeeping Services

  • Tax Prep Tip Videos
  • QuickBooks Tutorials
  • Examples of Past Financial Reports
  • Ask a Bookkeeper Q&A Videos
  • Explainer Videos Breaking Down Accounting Terms


Launching a YouTube channel is one of the best and most affordable marketing tactics for any small business. The widespread reach, high engagement rates, and SEO benefits make YouTube too powerful to ignore. By publishing helpful videos that resonate with your target audience, you can attract new customers, drive traffic, generate leads, and build brand awareness. Follow the steps in this guide to start a YouTube channel that boosts your business today.

To your success,

Paul Markovich

Lead Developer