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Hi there! I’m Paul Markovich, your Business Growth Coach. I have a passion for solving problems, creating personal freedom, and helping ambitious entrepreneurs succeed. With over 15+ years of experience building and running multiple successful businesses, I understand the challenges you face, because I’ve been there.

15+ Years of Building Successful Businesses

Bootstrapped 3 businesses, sold last SaaS startup after 4 years

Certified Coach (CTI)

My Journey

My entrepreneurial journey began when I started a coaching business that helped individuals solve their biggest challenge in 90 days or less.

Next I started a web development firm called Injevity, where I helped over 2 dozen small business owners launch their own startup application online. It was here that I learned and refined my tech. skills while teaching myself over two dozen programming languages and technologies.

Then I went for it all and bootstrapped a SaaS startup called ScreenPopper. My goal here was to create an innovative exit-intent popup service that helped website owners capture lost traffic.

Over 4 years, ScreenPopper produced over 15 million popups before I successfully exited the business when it was sold to a larger company.


Through these experiences, I faced the struggles of wearing multiple hats, juggling endless tasks, and pushing myself daily to bring new ideas to market quickly.

That’s when I discovered the powerful impact of micro-steps – breaking down large goals into bite-sized, consistent daily actions to drive real progress.


As a Certified Coach from CTI, I now draw from my entrepreneurial background to help other business owners achieve growth and freedom through this micro-steps methodology.

I work with ambitious entrepreneurs who have already started their journey but feel stuck or overwhelmed as their business scales. My coaching helps you regain focus, implement sustainable productivity habits, and reignite momentum.

My Spare Time

When I’m not coaching, you can find me enjoying the outdoors – cycling on the river paths, hiking local trails, throwing the weights around, or running sprints around the track.

I love exploring and learning. Road-trips and green smoothies are a staple as I discover new places. And of course you’ll often find me buying new tools for the endless home-improvement projects I have on my list.

I’m passionate about sharing strategies that allow entrepreneurs to build the business of their dreams without burnout.

Are you ready to break through your current ceiling and accelerate your business growth? Let’s connect and explore how the power of micro-steps can transform your entrepreneurial journey.

#1. Vision It:

After the coaching call what becomes possible

Craft a clear, inspiring vision for your business and desired future. Don’t get bogged down in the details – allow yourself to dream big and capture the “why” that will motivate you through the journey.

#2. Break It Down:

Break that big vision down into concrete, achievable milestones using the micro-steps approach. Chunk big goals into bite-sized daily or weekly actions reducing the stress.

#3. Do It:

Become productive by creating a habit by working on each of those micro-steps and creating a daily routine and schedule. Build your business growth through recurring habits and accountability.

Whether you're a solopreneur just starting out or an established business owner seeking to unlock new growth, our Micro-Step Coaching Program empowers you with a structured approach. We'll guide you in breaking down large goals into manageable micro-steps, using proven strategies and Notion templates.


Ditch the overwhelm and achieve your business dreams, one micro-step at a time! Our coaching program empowers you to find new customers, convert more of them, and ultimately live the life you desire. Micro-steps keep you focused on what matters most each week: delivering exceptional products or services, building a legacy, or simply growing your business. By taking small, manageable actions consistently, you'll steadily increase the ease of running your business, freeing up time and energy to pursue your passions


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