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Crush Your Goals with Micro-Steps
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Tired of Spinning Your Wheels?

Get Unstuck with Micro-Steps!

Make Consistent Progress

(One Step at a Time)

Achieving business success isn’t about making huge, overwhelming leaps. It’s about taking small, consistent steps every single day.

Our coaching helps you:

  • Break down big goals into easy, bite-sized micro-steps
  • Create a clear plan to turn overwhelm into actionable tasks
  • Focus on little things you can actually get done today
You must find your marketing motivation.
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One tiny step at a time adds up to massive results over time. By making real progress through daily micro-steps, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your business transforms.

Imagine transforming your overwhelm into actionable micro-steps.

Business Doesn’t Have to be Complicated…

Check out how simple it is!

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  1. (5 minutes) Write down your most important business goal for the next 3 months .
  2. (5 minutes) List 3 specific and achievable things you can do to reach this goal.
  3. (5 minutes) Find one action step you can take today to move you forward.

By spending just 15 minutes, you’ll have a clear business goal, 3 actionable steps, and one activity you can do today to make progress and keep you focused.


  1. (5 minutes) Identify your top three priorities for the day .
  2. (10 minutes) Set a timer for 10 minutes and focus on the first priority without any distractions.

This approach helps you prioritize tasks and builds a habit of focused work, boosting your productivity significantly in just 15 minutes.


  1. (5 minutes) List your top three expenses for the month.
  2. (5 minutes) Identify one expense you can reduce or eliminate.
  3. (5 minutes) Plan a simple action to reduce this expense, like canceling a subscription.

Benefit: This exercise gives you a quick win by reducing stress and improving your cash flow with just 15 minutes of effort.


  1. (5 minutes) Identify one lead generation channel to focus on, like social media or email marketing.
  2. (5 minutes) Write down one action you can take to improve this channel, like creating a social media post or setting up an email campaign.
  3. (5 minutes) Schedule this action in your calendar for today.

Benefit: By dedicating 15 minutes, you’ll enhance your lead generation efforts, leading to more potential clients and business growth.


  1. (5 minutes) Write down one area where you want to find new opportunities.
  2. (5 minutes) Research one industry trend or competitor to get ideas (use AI for ideas).
  3. (5 minutes) List one potential opportunity and a quick action to explore it.

Benefit: This simple exercise helps you stay ahead of trends and uncover new business opportunities, making it easier to grow your business.


  1. (5 minutes) Write down the steps of your current sales process.
  2. (5 minutes) Identify one step that takes too much time or is ineffective (5 minutes).
  3. (5 minutes) Brainstorm one improvement or tool that could streamline this step.

Benefit: Improving your sales process in just 15 minutes makes your system more efficient, leading to better sales outcomes and less stress.


  1. (5 minutes) Identify one change you need to make.
  2. (5 minutes) Write down why this change is important and how it will benefit the business.
  3. (5 minutes) Plan one small step to start implementing this change today.

Benefit: This approach simplifies change management, making it easier to initiate and sustain changes that improve your business.


  1. (5 minutes) List your main responsibilities.
  2. (5 minutes) Identify one task that you can delegate.
  3. (5 minutes) Choose a consultant, partner, team member and assign the task with clear instructions.

Benefit: Effective delegation in just 15 minutes frees up your time and empowers your team, enhancing overall productivity and leadership.


  1. (5 minutes) List the top three things that stress you out the most at work.
  2. (5 minutes) Identify one small way to reduce each stressor.
  3. (5 minutes) Schedule 5 minutes at the end of your day to unwind and reflect on the positive aspects of your work.

Benefit: By addressing stressors and incorporating reflection, you improve your work-life balance and overall well-being with just a small time investment each day.

We’ll Show You How…


(Even With a Busy Schedule)

Big goals got ya down?

Stop Feeling Stuck & Overwhelmed

Don’t let information overload hold you back!

Build Your Dream Business

with Micro-Steps

We help busy entrepreneurs break down goals into manageable micro-steps, empowering them to:

Secure New Customers

Secure New Customers: Feeling like you’re constantly chasing leads? Micro-steps can help! We’ll guide you in creating a targeted customer acquisition plan, broken down into bite-sized actions. This way, you can consistently attract new customers and build a thriving business.

> I want to start growing my client base!

Achieve Financial Security & Peace of Mind

Achieve Financial Security & Peace of Mind: Worried about cash flow or feeling stressed about finances? Our micro-step coaching empowers you to take control. We’ll help you develop a sustainable financial plan with clear, actionable steps. This will lead to financial security and the peace of mind you deserve.

> I want to take charge of my business finances!

Live Life on Your Terms

Live Life on Your Terms: Dreaming of more time freedom or the ability to pursue your passions? Micro-steps can get you there! We’ll show you how to achieve work-life balance and build a business that supports the life you desire.

> I want to start living my dream life!

(With Business Pump Coaching)

Unlock Growth & Freedom with Micro-Steps…

Hi there! I’m Paul Markovich, your Business Growth Coach, and I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs like you achieve growth and freedom with the power of micro-steps.

15+ Years of Building Successful Businesses.

Bootstrapped 3 businesses, sold last SaaS startup after 4 years

Certified Coach (CTI)

Paul Markovich

Entrepreneur & Certified CTI Coach

Why Micro-Steps?

Break Through Overwhelm:

Large goals can feel paralyzing. Micro-steps break them down into manageable, bite-sized actions, keeping you motivated and focused on progress.

Consistent Action = Faster Results:

By taking small, consistent steps every day, you build momentum and achieve your goals faster than you ever imagined.

Sustainable Growth:

Micro-steps help you avoid burnout and create a sustainable approach to business growth that you can maintain for the long term.

Master Business Growth

Using the 9 Pillars of Business Growth, we’ll help you focus on the key elements that power business success, broken down into actionable micro-steps and Notion templates so you always know what to do next.

Strategy & Planning:

After the coaching call what becomes possible
  1. Business strategy
  2. Increased Productivity
  3. Cash flow positive

Growth & Automation:

  1. Marketing Automation
  2. Business opportunities
  3. Sales systems

Leadership & Change:

  1. Change Management
  2. Leadership roles
  3. Work-life balance

Who We Help

Small business revenue from alternate sources

Entrepreneurs, Startup Founders, Solopreneurs & Small Business Owners who:

  • Feel overwhelmed by big goals
  • Struggle to stay motivated and consistent
  • Want to achieve sustainable growth without sacrificing work-life balance

Ready to take the first step?

Schedule a free consultation today! Let’s discuss your business goals and how our micro-step coaching approach can help you turn your dreams into reality.

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What You’ll Gain:

  • Clarity: Gain a clear vision for your business and a plan to achieve it.
  • Focus: Learn to prioritize tasks and eliminate overwhelm.
  • Action: Develop actionable steps to move forward, one micro-step at a time.
  • Results: See tangible progress towards your goals and achieve sustainable growth.

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Micro-Step Planning Guide

“Discover The Simple PRocess”

Download our FREE guide packed with actionable tips to break down any goal into manageable micro-steps.

Learn how to break down any goal into actionable steps and finally achieve your business dreams.

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Recent Testimonials

Passionate Designer Launches Online Store

Scott Sawyer. Artist & Designer

Scott is a passionate and creative solopreneur. He had recently launched his hot sauce brand after months of product testing and preparation. While he was thrilled about his new food business, Scott’s true calling was as a visual artist and designer. He had a treasure trove of design ideas he wanted to bring to market, from prints and patterns, to graphics for shopping bags and novelty items. However, Scott felt stuck by the enormity of getting his designs produced and figuring out how to sell them.

When Scott started working with BusinessPump and our micro-step coaching process, we helped break down his creative goals into manageable action steps. Rather than trying to do everything at once, Scott first organized his designs into cohesive collections. Week by week, he refined his favorite pieces, researched production options, and eventually launched an Etsy store to start selling his artwork on print-on-demand products. The micro-steps built his confidence and prevented overwhelm.

videoWatch 5 Minute Demo Video – Learn More

Video Expert Begins Journey to Entrepreneurship

Eric Caljus. Videographer

Eric is an accomplished video professional with decades of experience in broadcasting and visual storytelling. After a highly successful career, he was ready for his next chapter – launching his own video production business to serve small companies and entrepreneurs. While Eric had a clear vision and the skills to back it up, he felt overwhelmed by the myriad of tasks involved in getting his solo venture off the ground. From branding and positioning to building a website and marketing strategy, Eric struggled with knowing where to start and how to properly sequence all the necessary steps.

As he discovered the power of BusinessPump micro-step coaching he was able to methodically tackle his big goals without becoming paralyzed by overwhelm.
First we helped him get crystal clear on his unique message and identify the ideal clients he wanted to serve. Once that foundation was set, Eric focused on developing pricing packages and service offerings tailored to his target market. With his brand positioning solidified, Eric purchased a matching domain name and began setting up a professional website to showcase his videography skills – one micro-step at a time.

videoWatch The Quick Video – See how It works

Entrepreneur Who’s Giving It Back

Josh Polgardi. Entrepreneur

Josh is an entrepreneur with a heart for giving back. His business model donates bedsheets to charities who provide beds for children in need. While passionate about making a positive impact, Josh felt overwhelmed by the huge amount of tasks required to actually run and grow his business. He had an abundance of ideas swirling, from marketing campaigns to new product launches, but struggled to prioritize and execute on the most impactful actions. Josh knew he needed to get focused but didn’t know where to start.

Through micro-step coaching, Josh gained the clarity and structure he craved. BusinessPump helped him identify and zero in on the highest value activities that would drive the greatest returns. Week by week, Josh reorganized his schedule and reprioritized his workdays. Rather than spreading himself thin, the micro-steps enabled Josh to launch a targeted marketing campaign to spread awareness of his philanthropic business model, and with micro-steps, he now chips away at priority tasks without becoming paralyzed by overwhelm.

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Achieve Consistent Growth with Micro-Step Business Coaching

Stop feeling stuck and overwhelmed. Break big goals into manageable steps.

As an overwhelmed entrepreneur, it’s easy to feel paralyzed by the sheer number of tasks and goals you need to accomplish. That’s where our micro-step business coaching comes in. We’ll help you break down your ambitious objectives into bite-sized, actionable steps that you can tackle one at a time, even with a busy schedule.

gAIN powerful RESULTs like THESE:

Gain clarity and focus on your highest-value activities

Develop a sustainable plan for business growth and success

Achieve measurable progress towards your goals, week by week

Avoid burnout and maintain a healthy work-life balance

You’ll get organized and action-ready quickly, even after just one session.

Ready to ditch the overwhelm and start making consistent progress? Book your free strategy session today and receive a complimentary Notion productivity template to help you stay organized and on track.

Don’t let information overload and big, daunting goals hold you back any longer. Take the first step towards building the business and life you truly desire.

Schedule your free consultation now before slots fill up.

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The longer you wait, the more opportunity you’ll miss.

Crush Your Goals with Micro-Steps
📅 Book Your Free Strategy Session
(+ Get a Free Notion Productivity Template)

Frequently Asked Questions

How is micro-step coaching different from other business coaching?

Unlike traditional coaching that gives you an overwhelming to-do list, our micro-step approach breaks down your big goals into manageable, bite-sized actions. This prevents overwhelm and allows you to consistently make progress, even with a busy schedule.

I’m already feeling overwhelmed. Won’t adding coaching make me even busier?

Not at all! Micro-step coaching is designed to simplify your workload by helping you prioritize and focus only on the highest-impact activities. You’ll gain clarity on what to do next, preventing you from spreading yourself too thin.

How much time will this take every week? I barely have enough hours now.

The beauty of our approach is its flexibility. During our sessions, we’ll identify micro-steps you can realistically tackle based on your current schedule and capacity. Even just 1-2 focused hours per week can lead to incredible results over time.

Won’t taking small steps mean it takes forever to reach my goals?

Oddly enough, micro-steps often help you achieve your goals faster than trying to do everything at once. By consistently chipping away at your plan with focused actions, you’ll build momentum and see results compound rapidly over time.

How can you understand my specific business and situation?

Our certified coaches have over 15+ years of real-world entrepreneurial experience across diverse industries. During your free strategy session, we’ll take the time to deeply understand your unique business, goals, and challenges to create a customized plan.

I’ve tried coaches before and didn’t see results. Why will this be different?

With our micro-step approach, you’ll not only gain clarity on the right actions to take, but you’ll actually follow through and get things done. Most coaching programs are heavy on theory but light on implementation – a common reason they fail to deliver tangible results.

Our methodology keeps you consistently taking action through bite-sized, manageable steps tailored to your current schedule and capacity. You’ll also receive customized Notion templates to keep you organized and on-track between coaching sessions. This powerful combination of guidance and accountability ensures you make steady progress every single week.

How long does the coaching last? I don’t want an endless engagement.

We’ll work together to set a clear timeline upfront based on your specific goals. Sometimes our clients need a few session to get back on track, others need a few months. It’s up to you, let us know you needs and we’ll create a custom plan for you. Also, our coaching is designed to help you create micro-habits that you can continue to maintain after achieving your initial objectives.

What types of results can I expect to see from micro-step coaching?

Our clients frequently report results like increased revenue, financial control, better work-life balance, more efficient time management, and overall reduced stress from finally gaining traction on their biggest goals.

How can I be sure this isn’t just another online course or program?

Micro-step coaching is a personalized, interactive experience tailored specifically to you and your business. You’ll work 1-on-1 with a certified coach, not just consume generic information. We guide you every step of the way.

What if I’m not convinced after the free strategy session?

The strategy session is a no-pressure way to experience our approach first-hand. If you don’t feel it’s a good fit after our consultation, you can simply walk away – no strings attached. We want you to be 100% confident before moving forward.

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“We Can’t Wait To Help You Crush Those Goals”

Paul Markovich

Entrepreneur, Certified Coach & Founder

Crush Your Goals with Micro-Steps
📅 Book Your Free Strategy Session
(+ Get a Free Notion Productivity Template)

Whether you're a solopreneur just starting out or an established business owner seeking to unlock new growth, our Micro-Step Coaching Program empowers you with a structured approach. We'll guide you in breaking down large goals into manageable micro-steps, using proven strategies and Notion templates.


Ditch the overwhelm and achieve your business dreams, one micro-step at a time! Our coaching program empowers you to find new customers, convert more of them, and ultimately live the life you desire. Micro-steps keep you focused on what matters most each week: delivering exceptional products or services, building a legacy, or simply growing your business. By taking small, manageable actions consistently, you'll steadily increase the ease of running your business, freeing up time and energy to pursue your passions


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