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Digital Marketing Trends: AI & SMS

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In today’s fast-paced digital world, marketing has come a long way from traditional billboards dotting long stretches of highway, and TV commercials. It’s now a vibrant and multifaceted landscape that includes everything from social media marketing to email campaigns and even AI-powered strategies.

In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey through the latest digital marketing trends for 2023, making it easy to understand and relevant for everyone, whether you’re a business owner or just curious about the digital world.

What’s Out There

1. Email Takes Center Stage

Email marketing is like the evergreen tree of digital marketing strategies. In 2023, it’s still standing tall and strong. Why? Well, it’s all about personalization, automation, and respecting people’s privacy.

Marketers are using dynamic and interactive email content, something called AMP for email (fancy, right?), and new ways to make emails more personal. The goal is to keep your inbox interesting and engaging.

Example: Dynamic & Interactive Content

Imagine receiving an email from your favorite online clothing store. Instead of the usual static message, this email is different. As you open it, you’re greeted with a visually stunning email that showcases their latest summer collection. The images are not just static pictures but mini-slideshows that allow you to swipe through different outfits and view them from various angles.

But that’s not all. Below the slideshow, there’s a ‘Shop Now’ button that, when clicked, takes you directly to the product page, allowing you to explore and purchase the items you like effortlessly. This email also includes a real-time weather widget that displays the current temperature and suggests suitable outfits based on the local weather forecast for your location.

Now, you might wonder, ‘How did they do that?’ The answer lies in dynamic and interactive email content, especially a nifty feature called AMP for email (AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages).

AMP for email is like a magician’s wand for email marketers. It allows them to infuse emails with dynamic elements, just like the ones you saw in this email. It enables you to interact with content right within your inbox, without needing to open a separate browser window or click through multiple links.

The goal of all this email wizardry is simple: to make your inbox a more interesting and engaging place. Marketers want their emails to be more than just messages; they want them to be experiences. They aim to capture your attention, provide valuable information, and make it easy for you to take action, whether that’s shopping, signing up for an event, or simply staying informed.

So, the next time you open your email and find an interactive masterpiece waiting for you, know that marketers are using AMP for email and other innovative techniques to create engaging, personalized, and visually appealing messages that cater to your interests and preferences.

2. Evolution of Loyalty Programs

Remember those loyalty cards you used to collect stamps on? They’re getting a makeover. Loyalty programs are becoming membership programs. Why? Because people want more than discounts; they want a sense of belonging. Brands are turning these programs into true memberships with cool benefits like exclusive access to products, free shipping, and even offline events. It’s all about building a deeper connection with customers.

Example: Loyalty Cards Are Out

Think back to the days when you’d carry around those trusty loyalty cards in your wallet, diligently collecting stamps or punches with each purchase. You knew that after a certain number, you’d score a free coffee or a discount on your favorite sandwich. It felt good, right?

Well, times have changed, and so have those loyalty programs. They’re getting a makeover, and it’s all about transforming them into something even more exciting: membership programs.

So, why the change? It’s simple—people crave more than just discounts these days. They want to feel like they belong, like they’re part of an exclusive club. That’s where membership programs come in.

Now, instead of just earning points, you’re offered a full-fledged membership with enticing perks. Imagine having exclusive access to new products before anyone else. Picture getting your orders shipped to your doorstep for free, no matter how much or how little you shop. And yes, there’s more—it might even include invitations to cool offline events where you can meet like-minded enthusiasts.

It’s not just about transactions anymore; it’s about building a deeper connection with customers. Brands are recognizing that loyalty is not just about the discounts you receive but the sense of belonging and the special treatment you get as a valued member. So, the next time you join a membership program, remember, it’s not just a card; it’s your ticket to an exclusive world of benefits and a community that values your loyalty.

3. Foresight in Marketing

Brands are getting smarter, thanks to direct access to customers through digital channels. They’re not waiting around for feedback anymore; they’re using foresight. This means they’re trying to predict what customers want before they even ask for it. It’s like having a crystal ball for marketing, and it’s changing the game.

Example: Tailor Made Products & Services

Think about your favorite online shopping platform. You might have noticed that when you visit their website, they often recommend products that seem almost tailor-made for you. How do they do it? Well, these brands have gotten smarter, thanks to their direct access to customers through digital channels. Instead of waiting around for feedback, they’re using foresight, like a digital crystal ball.

They analyze your past purchases, browsing history, and even your online behavior to predict what you might want before you even think about it. So, when you log in, you’re greeted with a curated selection of products that feel like they were chosen just for you. It’s like having a personal shopper who knows your style and preferences inside out, and it’s truly changing the game of online shopping.

4. The Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is the secret sauce behind modern marketing. It’s like having a digital marketing assistant that never sleeps. AI helps marketers make smart decisions by matching the right products and messages with the right people. It’s like a digital matchmaking service for customers and brands. Fancy algorithms make sure customers get content tailored just for them.

Example: AI Behind The Scenes

Imagine you run an online bookstore, and you have customers with a wide range of reading preferences. Now, meet your behind-the-scenes hero: AI. It’s the secret sauce behind modern marketing. Think of it as your digital marketing assistant that never takes a break. AI works tirelessly, analyzing customer data, browsing history, and purchase patterns. It knows that one customer loves mystery novels, while another prefers sci-fi adventures.

With this insight, AI becomes your digital matchmaking service, pairing the right products and messages with the right people. It’s like having a knowledgeable librarian who magically hands each customer the perfect book. Those fancy algorithms? They ensure that each customer receives tailored book recommendations, making their shopping experience delightful and personalized.

Customer Experience Reigns Supreme

Think of digital marketing as a giant puzzle. Algorithms and AI are the pieces, and the picture they create is a better customer experience. Happy customers mean more engagement with brands, and that’s the name of the game.

But There’s Something Even Bigger Happening

SMS Marketing: How It Impacts Your Business

SMS marketing is like sending text messages to your customers but with a marketing twist. People have to subscribe to receive these texts, so it’s like an invitation to a party. You can use it for personalized promotions, offers, surveys, and even to recover abandoned shopping carts. It’s a direct way to reach your audience on their phones.

10DLC: What’s That?

10DLC, which stands for 10-Digit Long Code (a fancy name, we know), is like using your local phone number for marketing. Small businesses, e-commerce stores, and even healthcare providers can use it. You can send promotions, order updates, and even appointment reminders through a regular phone number. It’s like sending a friendly text to a friend.

Tying It To AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t just for sci-fi movies. It can make SMS marketing even better. AI helps send personalized texts to lots of people, and it can even write text messages for you in seconds. There are cool tools out there to help, like SMS bot builders and AI-powered texting apps. It’s like having a super-smart assistant for your text messages.

How To Get Started With AI and 10DLC

Ready to dive in? First, make sure you register your brand for 10DLC messaging. It’s like signing up for a texting club. Once you’re in, you can use AI to send personalized texts and even automate your messages. There are user-friendly tools like and apps like MEI to get you started.

How to Modernize Your Strategy and Prepare for the Future

Now that you’ve got the scoop on the latest digital marketing trends for 2023, let’s talk about how you can stay ahead of the game:

  1. Assess Your Previous Campaigns: Look back at what worked and what didn’t in your past marketing campaigns. Learning from your history can guide your future strategies.
  2. Establish a Strong Online Presence: Make sure your website, social media profiles, and online listings are up-to-date and user-friendly. Your online presence is your digital storefront.
  3. Leverage Data: Collect and analyze data to understand your customers better. It’s like having a map to navigate the marketing landscape.
  4. Conduct Competitor Analysis: Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing. It’s like looking through a telescope to see what’s on the horizon.
  5. Embrace Influencer Marketing: Partner with influencers who share your brand’s values and appeal to your target audience. They can help you reach new customers in a friendly and authentic way.

In conclusion, the world of digital marketing is constantly evolving, but it’s also exciting and full of possibilities. Whether you’re a business owner or just someone curious about the digital realm, these trends can help you navigate the ever-changing landscape.

Remember, modern marketing is all about delivering fantastic customer experiences while staying innovative. So, take these insights and embark on your digital marketing journey with confidence!

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