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ChatGPT vs Claude 2 – 5 Reasons Why Claude Has My Vote!

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I decided to put them to a test with my own showdown: “ChatGPT vs Claude 2”, to find which is more helpful because I rely on chatbots to help me in both my personal and business affairs.

Personally, I use chatbots along with my journaling to provide insights and observations that I may not have thought of on my own.

When it comes to my business activities, I utilize chatbots for tasks such as generating content, conducting research, formatting documents, and organizing information to create a convenient reference for myself.

Introduction: ChatGPT vs Claude 2

Chatbots like ChatGPT have certainly impressed many with their human-like conversational abilities. However, they still have some key limitations that prevent them from being truly useful assistants. This is where Claude comes in. Created by AI research company Anthropic, Claude was designed from the ground up to be more advanced than predecessors like ChatGPT.

Reason 1: Perceptive

While both ChatGPT and Claude are powerful conversational AI platforms, they differ in their architecture and response generation capabilities. ChatGPT is designed to generate short and concise responses, while Claude is designed to generate more naturalistic and contextually relevant responses. The specific use case and requirements of each platform should be considered when choosing between them. (source). So let’s see how they faire in my test of So I decided to put them to a test with my own showdown: “ChatGPT vs Claude 2”.

prompt: (fictitious example) “What topic should I write about today, I’m feeling a bit adventurous and AI chatbots have been on my mind.”

ChatGPT vs Claude 2 - chatgpt perceptive prompt response

ChatGPT sends back a structured and informative response, providing a clear roadmap of specific topics related to AI chatbots.

ChatGPT vs Claude 2 - claude perceptive prompt response

Claude, on the other hand, takes a more exploratory and creative approach, sparking curiosity and imagination by posing questions and suggesting broader themes related to AI. (WINNER in “ChatGPT vs Claude 2”)

Reason 2: Current Events

Let’s talk current events! When I decided to run my own showdown: “ChatGPT vs Claude 2”, I realized we have to talk about what’s happening right now, or else your chatbot response may be outdated.

ChatGPT knows a lot of things, but it’s like a computer stuck in the past. It stopped learning about new stuff after 2021, so it doesn’t know what’s been happening in the world since September 2021. Sometimes, it might say things that don’t make sense in a conversation because it can’t fully understand what’s going on.

Claude, on the other hand, is more up-to-date. It knows about things up to December 2022 and even some stuff from early 2023. So, if you want to talk about recent news or events, Claude is your go-to. Claude is also really good at being creative and making conversations feel more natural, like when you talk to a real person.

prompt: “Tell me about Jeremy Renner’s Snowplow Accident

ChatGPT vs Claude 2 - chatgpt current event prompt response

ChatGPT has no knowledge of events after September 2021. (oops)

ChatGPT vs Claude 2 - claude current event prompt response

Claude, on the other hand knows alot about this topic from early in 2023. (WINNER in “ChatGPT vs Claude 2”)

Reason 3: Calming

Have you ever relied on a friend or someone you trust when things get tough? What about turning to a chatbot in those situations? Can chatbots give you comfort when you’re stressed or facing unpredictable situations?

prompt: (fictitious example) “My business is not making enough money this month, what should I do next, I’m starting to panic that I won’t make payroll, and my team is getting restless. It’s too much stress, calm me down.”

ChatGPT vs Claude 2 - chatgpt calming prompt response

ChatGPT responded immediately with a set of tasks to do, attempting to fix this with action, but without immediately suggesting that I seek for help from others.

ChatGPT vs Claude 2 - claude calming prompt response

Claude, on the other hand seemed warmer, actually addressing the panic first, then suggesting action. (WINNER in “ChatGPT vs Claude 2”)

Reason 4: Personable

Sure, I get it, I’m talking to a computer generated response. But, heck it’s still nice to get a warm reply.

prompt: “What’s your favorite thing about talking to people?

ChatGPT vs Claude 2 - chatgpt personable prompt response

ChatGPT provides an interesting response, saying it doesn’t have favorites, but goes on to say that it finds satisfaction in helping users finds answers. Is that true? Who knows, but it works for me. (WINNER in “ChatGPT vs Claude 2”)

ChatGPT vs Claude 2 - claude personable prompt response

Claude, on the other hand get’s right to it, and makes it clear in no uncertain terms that it has no personal preferences.

Reason 5: Updates / Improvements


OpenAI has been working on improving ChatGPT’s factuality, mathematical capabilities, and overall performance. In January 2023, they released an update that made the model generally better across a wide range of topics (source). However, ChatGPT’s knowledge is still limited to 2021 data (source). OpenAI is also planning to release GPT-5, which is expected to be a significant upgrade to ChatGPT, but the release date is not confirmed yet (source). (TIE – no winner in “ChatGPT vs Claude 2”)


Anthropic has released Claude 2, which has improved performance, longer responses, and better capabilities in coding, math, and reasoning compared to its predecessor (source). Claude 2 was trained on more recent data, up to early 2023, which contributes to its improvements (source). Anthropic plans to refine Claude and continuously deploy improvements in the coming months (source). They are also working with thousands of businesses using the Claude API, which could lead to further enhancements and customizations (source). (TIE – no winner in “ChatGPT vs Claude 2”)


As we’ve explored the capabilities of both ChatGPT and Claude, it’s evident that Claude brings a formidable presence to the world of chatbots, potentially overshadowing ChatGPT in several crucial aspects. Claude’s perceptive nature, offering a more exploratory and imaginative approach, provides users with a richer conversational experience. Its up-to-date knowledge of current events up to early 2023 also sets it apart, making it a more reliable source for recent information.

Furthermore, Claude exhibits a more calming and personable demeanor, making interactions feel warmer and more human-like. While ChatGPT has seen updates and improvements from OpenAI, Claude 2, with its enhanced performance and continuous refinement, stands as a strong contender in the ever-evolving landscape of AI chatbots.

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