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This complimentary 40-minute strategy session is designed to help you break free from overwhelm and gain clarity on your business goals.

  • A clear vision and achievable milestones tailored to your business
  • 3-5 personalized micro-steps to implement immediately
  • Access to our exclusive Notion productivity template A customized action plan to keep you organized and on track

Book your free session today and start your journey towards meaningful progress.

Micro-Step Booster Session ($87)

One 50-minute session

Give your business an instant boost with this 50-minute one-on-one coaching session. You’ll receive:

An in-depth analysis of your current business situation

Tailored strategies to overcome your biggest challenges

A set of high-impact micro-steps to implement right away

Accountability and support to ensure you take action

Perfect for entrepreneurs seeking a quick win and a fresh perspective.

Monthly PlanS

By investing in coaching, you’re not just getting a coach – you’re gaining a partner committed to your success. Each plan is designed to provide you with the tools, strategies, and support you need to break through overwhelm, stay focused, and achieve your biggest business goals.

Build Your Business Faster – Powered By Micro-Steps


$197 / mo*

2x 50 Minute Sessions / month

New Account Setup Assistance: profile, domain, email, virtual phone, social media integration

Customer Support: Email Ticket System

Weekly Office Hours

AI Bot Setup/Training

3x Pre-Built Workflow Automations (text back, email nurture, & lead capture)

Template Quick Starter (for websites, funnels & survey)


$297 / mo*


Get the Booster Plan for only $147 / mo*

(Only available for the next 100 subscribers)

2x 50 minute Sessions / month

Unlock consistent progress and increased productivity with our bi-weekly 50-minute coaching sessions.

This plan includes:

  • Ongoing guidance to refine your business strategy
  • Continuous micro-step development for achieving your goals
  • Regular accountability check-ins to keep you on track
  • Access to our entire suite of productivity tools and templates
  • A supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs

Ideal for business owners seeking long-term growth and sustainable success.


We’re here to help set up your accountability system for maximum productivity and progress.


$475 / mo*


Weekly 50 minute Sessions

Accelerate your business growth with our premium weekly 50-minute coaching program.

This plan includes:

  • Personalized coaching to optimize your operations and processes
  • Advanced micro-step planning for maximum efficiency
  • In-depth quarterly strategy reviews to pivot as needed
  • Priority access to our team of experts for specialized guidance
  • Exclusive mastermind sessions with other high-performers

The ultimate coaching experience for entrepreneurs committed to exponential growth.


We’re here to equip you with all the tools, strategies and support to achieve exponential business growth.

Don’t Let Another Day Go By

The Micro-Step Journey Starts Now

Feeling stuck, overwhelmed and lacking direction in your business is frustrating. Every day that passes without making meaningful progress is another day of losing momentum and potential growth.

The micro-step methodology has transformed businesses just like yours by breaking down monumental goals into achievable daily tasks. But it only works if you take that first micro-step of committing to change.

Don’t let your big dreams remain dreams. Our coaching plans are designed to provide the structure, accountability and support you need to finally start conquering your goals through consistent micro-steps.

The power to reclaim your business’s future is in your hands. Sign up for one of our coaching plans today and make the decision to invest in your own success.

Each day you wait is another day further away from the thriving business you’ve envisioned. The journey of a thousand micro-steps begins with one – start yours now before you lose any more precious time and momentum.

Don’t let this opportunity for real change and growth pass you by. Sign up now before you lose any more precious time and momentum.

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Whether you're a solopreneur just starting out or an established business owner seeking to unlock new growth, our Micro-Step Coaching Program empowers you with a structured approach. We'll guide you in breaking down large goals into manageable micro-steps, using proven strategies and Notion templates.


Ditch the overwhelm and achieve your business dreams, one micro-step at a time! Our coaching program empowers you to find new customers, convert more of them, and ultimately live the life you desire. Micro-steps keep you focused on what matters most each week: delivering exceptional products or services, building a legacy, or simply growing your business. By taking small, manageable actions consistently, you'll steadily increase the ease of running your business, freeing up time and energy to pursue your passions


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